Economists believe that job earnings influence choice of occupation. They
acknowledge that people place varying emphasis __11__income, but point out that
workers tend to move from one occupation to another __12__changes in salaries. In
1931, H.F.Clark, an economist, stated that “proper information regarding wages if
sufficiently __13__ upon people, will lead to correct choice of occupation and correct
__14__ of people in an occupation, provided barriers to occupations have been
removed.” This means that the supply and demand of workers have __15__to do with
wages, __16__in turn influence people to choose certain careers……However, all
barriers to occupations will have to be removed __17__ career choices can be __18__ by
economics alone. There is little question __19__economic factors have some influence on
choice of an occupation. But to picture them as the major or most important reason
__20__against the soundest of folk wisdom: “Man does not live by bread alone.” B.on C.into D.for
12.A.despite B.other than C.through D.because of impress be impressed C.impress D.impressed
14.A.number B.amount D.quantity
15.A.many B.much C.lot D.nothing B that C.which D.where
17.A.before B.after C.until D.when
18.A.expected B.explained C.expressed
19.A.that B.which D.when go B.going C.goes D.go
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